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Terms and Conditions

1. The home reserves the right not to offer accommodation to anyone they feel may be unsuitable.

2. At times of temporary illness care will be given consistent with that afforded to a sick elderly sick member of a household. If additional care is deemed necessary by the Doctor or proprietor the appropriate medical/nursing arrangements will be made.

3. Should the resident need a holiday or hospital treatment the proprietor will retain the accommodation at the full fee for a six week period. After this 80% of the fee will be charged.

4. Prospective residents will be asked to provide the management with full information in regard to their current state of health and any necessary treatment, the name of their General Practitioner and the name, etc. of a person to be contacted in an emergency.

5. If room number …….is accepted the Resident will agree that no form of tenancy is created in regard to the occupancy of the room. This remains at all times in the control of the Home and the benefit of this agreement will be personal to the Resident only and shall not be assisgnable by him/her.

6. Personal effects are insured to the value of £500. However it is strongly recommended that any valuables be separately insured/secured.

7. As we are members of the “Cinnamon Trust” pets are allowed (initially on probation) at the Manageress’ discretion.

8. The proprietor undertakes to maintain a standard of care as required by current legislation.

9. For the mutual benefit of both new Residents and the Home, new Residents will be admitted for an eight week trial period. If the Resident or the Home wishes to terminate the Residency within this period, one week’s written notice is necessary. After the trial period, four weeks’ written notice is required and appreciated.

10. The Home can unfortunately not be held responsible for a Resident’s safety once outside the Home.

11. For everyone’s safety “Practice Fire Drills” will be held at regular intervals in accordance with current regulations in which Residents will need to participate if possible. Assistance will be given where needed.

12. All electrical items brought by the Residents need to be PAT tested and should be of safe standard and items of furniture will be accommodated subject to available space. This furniture shold be free from woodworm and comply with current fire safety regulations.

13. Fees are normally payable 1 week in advance or you may wish to pay 4 weeks in advance. Following the trial period a direct debtit arrangements for payment of fees should be made. In the sad event of the death of a resident, the Home will reimburse the Estate from the date of the room being cleared of the late resident’s effects.

14. Fees will be reviewed annually in April.

15. Our fees are upwards of £565.00 per week (depending on room size) and are inclusive of accommodation, food, heating, lighting and laundry (with the exception of dry cleaning) as well as 24 hour care.

16. Please be aware that it will be necessary to inform our Manageress 12 weeks prior to reaching the threshold level for Council funding. This will enable any possible ‘top up’ monies to be arranged. As annual County Council fee increases may differ fromours, the top up then needed will be the Resident’s/Resident’s representatives responsibility.

17. Please be aware that we are a private home our fees do not necessary coincide with the fees paid by North Yorkshire County Council and any discrepancy will need to be ‘topped up’ by a third party.

18. A hairdresser and chiropodist call regularly and are paid for on a personal basis.

19. It would be appreciated if items of clothing could be personally marked.

20. We are a “Non-Smoking” Home.

21. Any hobbies or interests will be actively encouraged and religious needs respected.

22. There are no visiting restrictions but avoidance of meal times would be appreciated. (If you wish to join your relative for a meal a small charge will be made. Please see Manageress for details.

23. To comply with the National Minimum Standards a recent photograph of the Resident will need to be supplied.

24. Any complaints should be take up with the Manageress (n writing if possible) in the first instance. If the complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved the matter may be referred to:

The Care Homes Inspectorate
The National Care Standard Commission
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